Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Our Introduction to Prague

We arrived in Prague at 10:50 in the morning on the 24th of June, after two nights without sleep and over twenty hours of seated travel. Despite the exhausting circumstances, we were energized at the prospect of having reached a new field for exploration. We were hardly even disheartened upon realizing that one of our bags was still in Copenhagen and we were without a place to sleep as our CouchSurfing host canceled our reservation due to unforeseen complications. Undaunted, we waited patiently in the airport for the next plane from Denmark to arrive with our bag, and eagerly began our search for a bed using the airport's tricky (and costly) wifi trap.
After obtaining our bag, we gathered our gear and ventured into town by bus, all the while marveling at Prague's landscape and the presence of graffiti on every vacant wall. We spent the remainder of the day wandering aimlessly in search of accommodation and stopping at every street corner to stare at yet another beautiful and well-preserved Art Nouveau facade. Striking images of medusas, or ladies with ribbons and flowers gracing their flowing hair were nearly commonplace on the buildings in Old Town. Unfortunately, our search was not successful - so we took turns sleeping on a cozy bench in a quiet corner of the airport.

Only slightly rested from our airport naps, we made our way back into town and straight to our first confirmed room at the somewhat shabby Aparthotel GEO. We arrived too early to check-in, so we left our burdensome bags in their luggage room and set off to wander the neighborhood and find some food. We were elated to stumble upon a beautiful little organic market a few blocks from the hotel, where we purchased some green tea aloe juice, a delicious almond and custard pastry, and some apricot goat-milk yogurt. We took our findings and beelined to a nearby park to eat, accompanied by oxidized statues and a storybook Czech lady with her ambling bear-boar dogs. After checking in, we took much needed showers and collapsed for the remainder of the day and the entire night.

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