Friday, August 19, 2011

ArtMill Part II

ArtMill only lasted ten days, but those represented a marathon of cooking, teaching, biking, drawing, campfire rambling, sharing stories and running around with campers and counselors in the enchanted setting of rural South Bohemia.

The Architecture part of our class became time for Roy to help the campers dig a huge pit in the yard for mud baths, and Design collaborated with the Drama class to knit trash into a green slime prop for the play at the closing of the camp. Outside of teaching, we spent many fun hours in the kitchen helping Maruška and Daniel prepare delicious and sometimes extravagant meals and treats for the campers, and when we weren't there, we were usually rafting on the lake or collecting wildflowers.

It's difficult to find a starting point to encompass the magic of ArtMill. There was just so much that occurred, subtly and blatantly, that left an impact on us. Everyone involved with the project brought something unique to the table, and everyone was happy to share talents, aspirations, and efforts with the others. We'll truly miss everyone we met and hope to see them again - perhaps, next year at ArtMill 2012.

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  1. I'm already missing you two like crazy! The double-(quadruple?!)-rainbow photo perfectly sums up two weeks of wild energy amidst Bohemia's foreboding heavens.

    Travel safely!!!!!!!