Sunday, February 5, 2012


After a delicious farewell lunch in Sevilla, the three of us piled into the rental car and set off for Granada. We arrived at our hotel just before nightfall, and decided to take a nap before wandering into the Albaicín to find some dinner. It was almost eleven before we made it to El Mirador de San Nicolas, at the very top of the old Moorish quarter, where we expected to get dinner at the highly-recommended Bar Kiki. Unfortunately, nearly every restaurant was closed, so we began the long walk back to the hotel, and decided to set our sights on waking early to explore.

The following morning, after a hearty hotel breakfast, we walked to the Alhambra - the classic Moorish palace and fortress, and perhaps Spain's most famous site. We spent nearly the whole day exploring the grounds, walking awe-struck from structure to structure with picturesque gardens and courtyards in between. It was a place that could not be comprehended, even remotely, through a photograph - its far-off grandeur only exceeded by its close-quarters intricacy.

Once we'd had enough of the Alhambra, we made our way to the historic center of Granada to walk around, but called it a night before too long and decided to get some sleep before the long day of travel back to Madrid which would greet us in the morning.

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